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Dong Ngac CBT Project


Location: Dong Ngac Village, North Tu Liem Dist., Hà Nội

Start since: Jan 2014

Official website:

Đông Ngạc Community Based Tourism (CBT) Project is established and sponsored by the Responsible Travel Club of Vietnam (RTC), an association of different travel agencies, NGOs and individuals dedicated to building, practicing & developing responsible travel for a sustainable growth in tourism to all regions in Vietnam.

Đông Ngạc Village is one of the oldest villages in Vietnam that its traits are still kept in its architectures and lifestyle of the local people. Đông Ngạc CBT Project is built under a strong concern of RTC’s members towards the historical preservation at this ancient village.

The Living with a Legacy experience brings you to Đông Ngạc Village, where local families and local responsible tourism organisation have come together to offer a genuine local discovery in the intermingling of traditional and modern life. Your enquiry means a donation to the historical preservation fund of Đông Ngạc Village. Your share means appreciation and respect to the villagers that would encourage them in keeping their ancestry’s proud inheritances fighting the test of time.


  • To raise the awareness in local community as well as travellers about the importance of preserving Đông Ngạc Legacy;
  • To support the local community in reaching the competent department for technically-professionally intervention in the preservation process.
  • To introduce the characteristic cultures of an intellectual village in Vietnam to travellers all around the world. Because we understand without public recognition, heritages would just be broken relics.

Responsible Travel Pracices

  • Browse village market [Support local community]
  • Bicycle around village [Reduce carbon emissions]
  • Visit ancestral houses and their caretakers [Preserve cultural heritage]
  • Local interaction [Respect village customs]
  • Experience the farming life [Share smiles and learn traditional farming techniques]


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